Associate Professor & Associate Head of HASS (Curriculum)

Joint PhD, Medical Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley and San Francisco

Lyle Fearnley is Assistant Professor of Anthropology. Trained as an anthropologist of science and medicine, Fearnley received a Joint Ph.D. in Medical Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley and San Francisco. His fieldwork-based research explores the assemblages of science and rural life in contemporary China, where agricultural modernization projects are giving rise to new environmental and health risks. Dr. Fearnley’s book project — The Influenza Epicenter: Rural China and Animal Disease in an Age of Emerging Pandemics — analyzes the encounters of global health and China’s livestock farms during the avian influenza crisis. Currently, he is developing a new project on the contested futures of rice breeding and genetics in China. The project analyzes the intersections of Chinese rice genome research, food safety movements, and the human-environment configurations of wet-rice paddy agriculture.