Faculty Team

Chan Heng Chee

Head of Pillar and Professor

PhD, Political Science, University of Singapore

Lyle Fearnley

Assistant Professor

Joint PhD, Medical Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley and San Francisco

Anna Lane

Research Fellow, LKYCIC SUTD

PhD, Psychology, Flinders University

Samson Lim

Assoc. Professor & Assoc. Head of HASS (Academics)

PhD, History, Cornell University

Jin Murakami

Assistant Professor

PhD, City and Regional Planning, University of California, Berkeley

Sreeja Nair

Research Fellow I, LKYCIC SUTD

PhD, Public Policy, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of SIngapore

Harvey Neo

Senior Fellow, LKYCIC SUTD

PhD, Geography, Clark University

Olivia Nicol

Assistant Professor

PhD, Sociology, Columbia University

Poon King Wang

Senior Director, Strategic Planning & Director, LKYCIC SUTD

MSc, Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Stanford University

John Powers

Research Fellow, LKYCIC SUTD

PhD, Urban Planning, Columbia University

Gordon Tan

Faculty Fellow

PhD, Geography, University of Buffalo

Gabe Tusinski

Assistant Professor

PhD, Anthropology, University of Chicago

Andrew Yee

Faculty Fellow

PhD, Communication, Nanyang Technological University

Lynette Cheah

Assistant Professor

PhD, Engineering Systems, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jeffrey Chan

Assistant Professor

PhD, Architecture (Design Theory and Methods), University of California, Berkeley

Yuting Hou

Research Fellow, LKYCIC SUTD

PhD, Urban Planning, Human Geography, University of Southern California

Jose Rafael Martinez Garcia

Research Fellow, LKYCIC SUTD

PhD, Anthropology, National University of Singapore