MUSPP Class of 2023 Poster Book

3 Minute Snapshot Project Titles:

Contemporary Urban Challenges
• Adaptive urban planning for a sustainable and inclusive city by Sarah Lim Bee Hoon
• A critical review of the impacts and implications of urban redevelopment on older adults by Esther Chin
• Unleashing urban ingenuity: Exploring resourcefulness in navigating urban dysfunctions of Tanah Merah, Jakarta by Angga Yudhiyansyah

Public Space and Placemaking
• Creating age-friendly public outdoor spaces in Singapore: Current developments and challenges by Liu Manyinyang
• Placemaking in the post-pandemic elevated common green: resident perceptions of new typologies of public housing garden spaces in Singapore by Woo Ka Wai
• Navigating identity corridors: Understanding user typology and social concerns along the rail corridor central by Ysabelle Ho

Transportation Planning and Policy
• Going the Extra Mile: Transport Equity and Healthcare Access for Seniors in Singapore by Alice Lee website
• A survey-based assessment of charging anxiety among electric vehicle owners by Yunjie Liang
• A comprehensive policy evaluation framework for the electrification of mobility by Bernice Huang
• Comparing the efficacy of semantic segmentation models in Southeast Asian cities using street view images: A case study in Phnom Penh by Darren Ho Di Xiang

Environment, Food, and Society
• De-conflicting a city in nature: Understanding human-wildlife encounters and perceptions in Singapore by Nikita Choudhary
• Exploring nudges that increase trash reduction and recycling in Singapore by Tay Kexin
• Meal preferences, habits and perceptions towards novel foods and 3D-printed foods among night shift workers in Singapore by Janice Young

Pedestrianizing the City Group Presentations
• Overcoming barriers by businesses to road pedestrianisation by Koh Lip Wee, Ruth Poh, Wong Yi Jie
• Placemaking for mobility in pedestrianised streets in the urban tropics: Singapore case study by Cristina Nearing, Hana Richelle Tang Tan, Amelia Tan Hui Shan

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