Where Urban Planning Meets Data Science

The Master of Science in Urban Science, Policy and Planning (USPP) is a 12-month intensive programme featuring an integrated, hands-on curriculum designed and taught by SUTD’s multi-disciplinary faculty – aimed at training the next generation of urban researchers, analysts and practitioners who are well grounded in urban theory, skilled in urban data and analytics, and adept at urban policy and planning.

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Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities

A research institute within SUTD that conducts research on cities, urbanisation, and the integrated use of technology, design and policy to provide urban solutions.

Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Cluster

A multi-disciplinary faculty in the humanities and social sciences that examine the societal role and impact of innovations in the fields of technology and design.

As the nature, management and growth of cities become more complex, urban planning professionals must have more sophisticated capabilities. This programme marries the foundations of urban theory with cutting edge data analytics methods to meet that critical need.

- Lim Sun Sun, Head, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Our aim is to provide students with the capability to harness the power of data-driven approaches in ways that are theoretically informed and integrated within policy. Only then, can we recognize and respond to the inherent dynamism of the urban environment.

- Chan Heng Chee, Chair, Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities

Singapore University of Technology and Design

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